What's In My Bag, Anxiety Edition?

What do you usually have in your purse/backpack/pocket/bra?

For me, I need hygiene products, gum, hand sanitizer, masks.

The writer in me has me bring a notebook and pens in case I have an idea to jot down and my phone is not within arms reach.

Speaking of my phone, I have a charger that I keep in my purse at all times, I use it frequently at work.

I have lots of hair toes usually as well.

Last but not least I bring my as-needed medication with me in case I have bad anxiety and cannot calm down. I haven't had to reach for these pills that much ( the last time was when my dad was here and was driving our family to dinner, he was driving like a maniac. I took a pill so fast you would have thought it was a tic-tac.) There have also been times at work where I needed them as well.

I like being able to have them even though I don't need them regularly


Is there something you cannot leave the house without?

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