What are human rights?

DAY 30

Human rights should be non-negotiable laws that are upheld EVERYWHERE for everyone. The right to shelter, the right to food come to mind for those are a few of our basic wants/needs. It is so much deeper than food and shelter though.

We should all have a right to exercise whatever religion we use (so long as we are not harming others in practice. We should have the right to refuse to go to war. Everyone should have access to clean water and food without harmful chemicals and toxins.

The right to healthcare and treatment are important as well as the right to protest government are vital civil liberties that should be allowed for all. The right to love who you love (as long as that person is not a child or minor or not consenting.) is also important. A human right is a woman having the right to not give consent for sex that they do not want. For girls to not be banished when they are on their periods. Equality for all is a human right. But many of these things are not rights, guaranteed ar birth, some of these liberties are luxuries for them and only dreams for others.

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