Three of my anxiety triggers & other mental health prompts

When things are tough I want to remember that hardships are designed to make us stronger and find growth. That "this too shall pass". That I am enough and that I am worthy.

3 things that I have achieved recently are 1. I Went on a trip anxiety free! 2. I started school again. 3.I guess I'm waiting for the third one to happen. My book is near publication. I will be able to hold it in mere weeks.

3 things I love about myself are 1. My sense of humor. 2. My empathy. 3. My creativity.

My biggest failure in life was a car accident that could have killed me...God was on my side that day.

My greatest achievement Miyah, Angel and Aaliyah Renee' Muwwakkil

A favorite quote of mine is Comparison is the thief of joy always comes to mind

If I knew I couldn't fail I would write films and make documentaries

3 things that trigger my anxiety 1. Being on the highway or on a bridge 2. Eating in public 3. Being stuck at a red light.

I wish people knew how hard it is to be a stay at home mom. How hard it is to be a black woman. How hard it is to get my children to genuinely love their black skin, kinky hair, and brown eyes.

Something that made me happy today spending time with my husband.

Something that made me anxious today I had a slow ass confused driver in front of me who kept braking for no reason and an ass behind me who I kept thinking was going to rear-end me.

I would describe myself to a stranger as a writer, mother, and wife, kind, wordy, into films, pro-black, sweet tooth, plant mama

Describe Depression Loneliness and hopelessness. Pain that is numbing.

Describe anxiety fear, irrational fear.

The last time I did something nice for myself was last night I bought myself a new watch from amazon. I can wait for it to get here.

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