Staycation with Vacation Anxiety

The last time I went away with my husband and family I was in the middle of a mental health spiral. I wanted to go home so badly because that was the only place I felt safe but I also didn't want to bring down everyone else's good time so I pretty much suffered in silence. (You can read more about that trip here in my memoir, The Anxiety Diaries.)

I was determined to enjoy my time with my husband and we only traveled about an hour away from our home this time, (these are called baby steps.)

This was our first getaway for my hubby and I without our children in 7 years! It was so well needed. I was a little nervous and did have a full moment of anxiety about being away from home in the middle of having lunch at a cute little Mexican restaurant. While my husband paid our bill, I excused myself and sat by a few of the outdoor water fountains. On our way back to the hotel, I took my pills to calm down. By the time we were ready for our next excursion, I felt better. Any other time I felt a bit anxious I chewed ice or did my tried and true breathing technique.

Inhale for 4

Hold for 4

Exhale for 4

Hold for 4


My husband and I had a great time together. I'm grateful that my mama is here to support me this summer and allow me to have a much-needed break with my husband. I'm grateful to my husband for being understanding and patient. I'm grateful for the children and family and friends that I am blessed to come home to.

Here is a reel from my Instagram, I think it captures our weekend trip.

Remember who you are! You Deserve Happiness and Fun! Be well Xo

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