One question a day challenge.

I like doing challenges. I like writing challenges and I like doing writing prompts. So why not combine these all for a writing challenge on my blog. I'm gonna challenge myself to answer a question a day from journal prompts, or questions from anyone. So yea, I'm gonna start today.

What was the last gathering you attended?

The last gathering I attended was on October 3 of this year. I brought my two oldest daughters to a local farm to go pumpkin picking. We met up with our downstairs neighbors and their children. My daughters and I got there first. We had been to this farm on a few occasions and it's a beautiful place that is very chill and an awesome spot to let the kids play, pick fresh, albeit expensive fruit, and even take a book and just hang.

Immediately when we pulled up I was not enthusiastic about this outing. There were so many people, like, we're in a pandemic first of all, although everyone had masks on, this didn't seem like a crowd of people who cared too much about social distancing. I suffer from GAD but social anxiety was never one of my triggers

I wanted to leave, I even texted my husband. "I hate this." He quickly replied, "you will feel better when they get there." and he was right. We found a table near the pumpkin patch and we ate snacks (that we snuck in) and my neighblor and I talked while the children played close by.

Eventually as closing time grew closer, the crowds thinned considerably and we took the kids to take a look at the farm animals.

We brought home 5 pumpkin and my husband and the girls cleaned out the biggest one and he prepped the seeds so that we could bake and snack on them the next day. We never baked ppumkin seeds before but now we have a new tradition because them thangs were bomb!

In all, it was a nice family gathering in the midst of a global pandemic. There were moments when I wondered if we were being safe enough. I think we were. My children had a great time and we made memories.

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