My 2021 evening routine

Perfect evening routine (for me)

2021 is all about continuing to take care of my family and myself. I didn’t necessarily plan this evening routine but it just sort of happened and I like it a lot. I have a great formula for a winddown before bed.

Move that body `

I don’t have too much time during the day to dedicate to exercise but like a lot of people at the top of the year, I want to lose some weight. Luckily I have children old enough to entertain themselves after dinner, which is right when I get home from work. While hubby chills in bed and I head upstairs to our attic, to work out for about 45 mins to an hour. I workout 3 days in a row and then take one rest day so two nights a week I read or write during this time but I very much enjoy my workout time. I make myself some hot water with lemon and fill my tumbler with ice water. I listen to a podcast and get to it.

This time is fun and challenging for me and I get to decompress a bit without having to worry about my children’s needs. This is my time to myself. And ladies even if you’re not into breaking a sweat or want something low impact I would 100 percent suggest walking for 30 minutes. If you can go outside and be a part of nature for a while that would be awesome but staying inside and walking around your house is just as effective. That was my go-to choice of movement for a while and I quite enjoyed it. Our apartment isn’t too big but I would walk from the bedroom, into the kitchen then the living room, and back again. Stairs are good too if your house has them. Put in your earbuds and go. Again while walking I listened to podcasts. Another low-impact exercise is to watch a youtube video where they walk for an allotted time so you can get your steps in. I’ve done quite a few of these videos and they are great for getting in a lot of steps in a short period of time, you can turn the volume down as you watch and play music to keep it fun.

Wash yo face!

I come down and shower and take special care of my needs. I am trying my best to take care of my skin and teeth this year, both of these suffered due to neglect when I was having constant anxiety. I try to cleanse in the morning and the evening but sometimes I don’t and I can certainly feel the difference when I don’t. I have dry skin and use a moisturizing face wash. I use toothpaste that helps with sensitivity and my enamel. I use a lotion scent that makes me feel feminine and beautiful as I get dressed. I have bought myself a few matching PJ sets and nightgowns to wear to bed as well as a silky robe. These items make me feel sexy and beautiful but I still wear sweats and old tees to bed a lot too. After I’m ready for bed I get my girls ready as well.

Put the kids to bed.

After the girls brush their teeth and put on their PJs I try and read to them each night before bed but to be honest it doesn’t always get done. Lately, we’ve been listening to guided meditations for kids on the podcast ‘Like You’ together and it’s a great way to unwind and slow down together. After that, I tuck my girls all in and give them kisses. Usually, there are last-minute requests for drinks of water or for baby dolls. And I’m going to be honest by that time, mommy is tired and cranky but I still fulfill their requests and tell them I love them. After that, I close their door and get in my bed.


I like to stretch or do a quick nighttime yoga before bed, especially if I worked out. ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ on youtube is my go-to, she has a vast catalog with different lengths and concentrations. Here is my favorite nighttime video.

I grab my planner and spend a few minutes reflecting on my day and prepping for tomorrow. While in bed I like to read or listen to an audiobook or watch a movie with my husband. It’s not long before one of us falls asleep first, lately, that’s been me. I also take my sleeping meds so I can fall asleep without trouble and stay asleep.

There you have it, folks, this is my current evening routine and how I am currently using some order to keep my sanity.

Be well, my friends. Peace and love.

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