I like listening to a British guy describing vulgar sex his dad wrote and other podcasts I listen to

I go through phases where I get really interested in certain things, genres, books, television shows etc. I just absorb as much content as I can, this usually involves lots of bingeing until suddenly, I burnout. And then I lose all desire and interest. The new flavor of the month, for now, is listening to podcasts which I've been doing for the past couple of months. It took some time for me to find some that I really liked enough to keep listening to but now that I have, I really wished I'd been into them sooner. The genres are kinda all over the place which works for me depending on my mood. I like to listen while doing chores and leisure activities like stretching.

I've compiled a list of my top 5 favorite podcasts at the moment. Enjoy.

First, we have my girl Laci the

Scam Goddess.

I was looking for articles that featured black podcasters and her face popped up enough to catch my interest. Scam Goddess is Laci Mosely, a self-proclaimed scam Queen with the stories to back it up. Her episodes are about 55 minutes and she always features some guest star that brings along their own tales of scam.

The show set up has two segments, the first is a scam that is sent from listeners, like one lady that wrote "if you need to send a letter but don't have a stamp (for whatever reason) you can put the address that you want the letter to go where you usually put your own address. According to the scammer, the letter will take a while but it WILL get to that address as the post office will send the letter back "return to sender". As a believer in the lost art of snail mail, my letters are too precious to attempt something like that but this is clever as hell.

The second part of the show is Historical hoodwinks where Laci talks about large scale scam artists throughout history, like the disgraced Jewelry maker that started creating and using counterfeit coins for the slot machines in Atlantic City.

favorite episode: #2 Featuring Nicole Byer

Next, on we have

Levar Burton Reads

Remember Reading Rainbow? This is Reading Rainbow for the adults. They are short stories handpicked by the smooth operator (in a literature sense) himself. The episode lengths vary as do the genres. I like to skip around and read from authors that I am familiar with like Neil Gaiman and N.K. Jemison or just listen to stories solely based on their titles like KWOON which turned out to be one of my favorites. This podcast chills me out and the stories sweep me away while I stretch or lay down or do whatever. Did I mention that one of the episodes features Toni Morrisons' only short story that she's ever published? It's a two-part episode and it does not disappoint.

Favorite episodes 39, 62, 70 & 71

Moving on, we have my favorite podcast at the moment

My Dad Wrote A Porno

So one day Jamie Morton received a mysterious email from a Rocky Flinstone, the contents from the email were even more baffling. It was a manuscript entitled Belinda Blinked, terribly written erotica, and the author turned out to be Jamies' own father. After sharing a few pages with his friends who laughed till they cried at the tale of Belinda shagging her way through the pots and pans industry, Jamie thought he might be on to something.

So with his good pals Alice and James he sat down in his kitchen and started reading the story to the world, chapter by chapter which fit nicely into thirty-minute segments of so bad its good literature. I can't tell if Rocky knows less about the anatomy of a woman's body or how to how to structure a competent story. But honestly, I don't care even when Jamie smoothly reads lines like "He grabbed her cervix" while Alice and James lose it.

Favorite episodes S1 Episodes 1, 8, & 9

Moving right along we have the best horror podcast that I've come across yet

CREEPY A Horror Podcast.

Creepy has hundreds of episodes and a very impressive roster of stories from different anthologies, authors, and even some nicely polished stories by listeners like Reculiar. Some of these tales are really freaking unsettling, some are funny, some are meh but more often than not I get to hear a nicely crafted horror story, some that make me think about them later on. Episodes are about 20 minutes long, with some split into two parts. One of my favorite bits was a short one called There's Something Wrong With My Cat, where a single guy takes in a cat that starts bringing him the corpses of dead animals each morning until one day he brings home something bigger.

Favorite episodes June 21, 2020 - July 9, 2020 - July 19th, 2020

Last on the list is a short series that I have finished already called


Moonface is 6 part series from Korean-American Pauls POV. Paul is 26 years old, post-college, and back living home with his mother. He's grown up in Downey and always had a love for his hometown until a new lover makes him question whether he really likes this place or if he's just a stagnant loser that lacks ambition.

Paul has assimilated into American culture and struggles to communicate in his native tongue, Korean with his mother who remains traditional and proud of her heritage. But language isn't the only barrier between the two. Paul is gay and has not come out to his mother which makes it feel like they really know each other. As he tries to navigate his life while entering a podcasting program, working at a Korean food spot and, having casual sex and hanging with his friends Shayla and Danny Paul grows to realize that he can't expect his own mother to accept his lifestyle if he can't even accept it. The episodes are thirty minutes each and there are only six of them making the season easily consumable in an afternoon with the narrative that shows us it's never too late to discover and own who you are.

Favorite Episodes: 1 &5

Some honorable mentions: definitely worth a listen as well.




Alright folks that's my list. I use the app pocket casts on my phone and there are sooooo many podcasts to sift through, so next time you're chillin out with nothing to do, why not listen to a podcast?

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