Get to know me Journal Prompts

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

I love to journal, heck my first book The Anxiety Diaries, is just that, my journal!

  1. List ten things that make you happy

  • my kids

  • my husband

  • waking up to delicious coffee

  • fresh sheets of paper and fountain pens

  • aesthetically pleasing book and coffee spreads

  • beautiful prose

  • singing at the top of my lungs

  • belly laughs

  • writing

  • browsing books and journals in book stores

2. Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.

I remember when I was in junior high, I got into a few fights with other girls. One of the fights I initiated, which is really not in my nature but I had had it up to here with this girl and years of bullying. After we fought, one of the female administrators took me aside and said something along the lines of

"When you fight someone like that, you are trying to destroy them, but you are really destroying yourself."

For some reason her words pop into my head from time to time. I don't even remember the ladies name.

3. What are your top 3 pet peeves?

People that talk because they like to hear themselves

People that spoil the ending to movies and books

Undercover racists

4. Write about someone who inspires you.

Issa Rae! First of all, she had a web series and book entitled "Awkward Black Girl" which is ME! She is quirky and odd and funny and awkward and those are all the things that I am as well. Her owning her awkwardness makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin. She built herself up from the ground, with a drive that is unmatched. Issa went from a regular black girl that likes to write, to having an HBO television show (which just got nominated for 8 Emmys) Issa is me. Well, obviously not me, but she represents me through her depiction of black women and I have so much love for her.

5. Your highs and lows this month


  • getting closer to publishing my book.

  • Watch Party with Bethanni.

  • Getting to see my book on Goodreads!

  • My sixth wedding anniversary.

  • I committed to a month-long journaling challenge


  • I had a rough two weeks full of lots of anxiety

  • had an anxiety attack in the car, on the highway (my old nemesis). I spent the rest of the day feeling ashamed.

  • financial stress

6. Post your celebrity crushes

Lakeith Stanfield

Mahershala Ali

7. Something that you miss

My parents and siblings. They all live far away. Love ya'll!

8. Discuss a lesson that you learned the hard way.

Well, I learned that loyalty will only get you so far, and if you're going to be loyal it ought to be to yourself.

9. What is one thing you are grateful for?

Every single day. Every day I am given the opportunity to be braver, stronger, happier. I don't take them for granted. I love my life.

10. Goals for the next 30 days

Lots of book-related tasks;

set up my email list

make a landing page

do a dope ass cover reveal

Get my children ready for whatever type of school they are having

get a physical done

finish the publishing process for my book.

Have more good days than bad

have a successful new segment on my Instagram

alright guys, thanks for stopping by!

Peace and Love

Dana Muwwakkil

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