50 facts about me from 2016 part II

Welcome to back to part two of 50 facts about me. If you missed the first post you can read it here.

To recap, these are facts about me from 2016. Let's get it! Anything italicized denotes changes or comments to the facts

26. I love Chuck Taylors. !!! YUP

27. I'm so lazy. to an extent yes, but only when I truly CAN be. Can't really be lazy when you run a household of 6 humans.

28. My dream job is to be a famous film critic. I love this! I would like to add a /famous author, oscar-winning screenwriter and/or filmmaker.

29. I used to have a penpal. My last penpal went MIA after the second response.

30. I would like another penpal. I have some now but we don't correspond as often as I would have imagined.

31 I'm very nerdy. I would like to use a different word other than nerdy.

32 My favorite guilty pleasure is dark chocolate

33. I want to collect teapots. Ehhh maybe one day. I've been collecting black barbies and action figures.

34. I like fruity scents. As far as lotions an oils, yes. I feel like for perfumes, my tastes have matured a bit.

35. I want a bikini body but I'm too lazy to have one. I lost 40 lbs in 2019! Unfortunately, I've gained back almost 20. I'm on the road to losing it back.

36. I love bacon cheeseburgers.

37. I avoid highway driving. Still do. But I do get on the highway if I'm not going long distance.

38. I worked for Pizza Hut for two days and never went back. I JUST got a letter from the state of New York telling me that I have unclaimed funds, it turned out to be the paycheck that I was too embarrassed to pick up.

39. I want to look flawless but natural. LOL I think I look natural, I do need to take better care of my skin though.

40. I can't wait to have long thick locs like my husband. OMGGGGGG the funny thing is I'm celebrating my fourth year with my locs and my husband has cut his off a few years ago. My hair is longish but I can't wait for it to be down the middle of my back.

41. I'm a hypochondriac. Not as bad, but with COVID it's kinda hard to tell these days.

42. I'm great at making breakfast foods. YUP

43. I'm extremely non-confrontational. I am trying to work on asserting myself when necessary.

44. I sing horribly.

45. I like to write. I am a writer. I own it.

46. I spend the majority of my life on the couch. NOPE Not anymore.

47. There's so much I want to do with my life but don't know if I'll ever have the balls to do it. I am fulfilling my dreams of becoming an author!

48. I hate vegetables.

49. I believe I am with my true love. Still do.

50. I'm fearful we won't last because of me. I pray this doesnt come true.

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