50 Facts About Me, a prompt from 2016

Look what I found in the archives! This is why I don't throw anything away when it comes to my writing. I love finding treasures like this.

I am super curious to see if any of these "facts" have changed since 2016. A lot can happen in almost five years, right?

  1. I was born in Los Angeles. Obviously this hasn't changed

  2. I don't like dogs and believe this is a result of my dad never allowing us to have one as a pet when we were growing up. I still feel this way but I love that dogs are so loyal to their families and understand that raising a dog requires time, responsibility, love, nurturing, and proper training. I would like to have a dog in the future.

  3. I love to binge-watch tv. Who doesn't?

  4. I'm a huge fan of Beyonce. same!!!!

  5. Most of my music library consists of late 90's to early 2000s music. I still love my 2000's music but I listen to a good amount of newer music by certain artists and acknowledge that it's okay to like music with no substance as long as it makes me feel good.

  6. I can finally taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke.

  7. Coke tastes better. Yup

  8. I'd still drink Pepsi if it's the only option available. Yup because I'm a soda fiend.

  9. My favorite Disney Princess is Belle There must be more than this provincial life! I am a fan of Moana and Tiana as well.

  10. I was married at 24. We hit our 6 year anniversary in July

  11. I became a mom a 22.

  12. I share my middle name with my sister, two cousins, my mother, and two daughters. And now my youngest daughter

  13. Degrassi was one of my favorites growing up.

  14. I dislike white chocolate. eww

  15. I'm terrified of flying. unfortunately, this is the same.

  16. I've been getting anxiety attacks since I was 18.

  17. I love tattoos but I never want to shell out the money for them. I still feel this way. I will never be like "Oh I want to save up for this new tattoo." I always spend money on items that grant me instant gratification

  18. When I get stressed I turn into a bitch. I am getting better at this and trying to find better-coping mechanisms than just lashing out.

  19. I'm a middle child

  20. I get stressed easily. Again something I'm working on but I know that some stress is good stress.

  21. I'm afraid of getting sprayed by a skunk. An irrational but obvious fear.

  22. I've started and abandoned several blogs. LOL

  23. I'm terrified of death. still

  24. I love brownies, the corner piece.

  25. I have mediocre cooking skills. ehhh, I have better skills now and some go-to meals

  26. I love to bake. I've made a couple of things from scratch and would like to make more but it's a bit stressful.

Stay tuned for part II so you can read the rest of my feelings, thoughts, and facts from my 26-year-old self and see if my views have changed.

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